Gracias Madre!

Over the weekend, my sister and I had the opportunity to catch up with our friend Lisa and her boyfriend Rob over some great organic/vegan/Mexican cuisine. Trust me, I was just as skeptical as you may be, mexican + organic + vegan? To my pleasant surprise however, it was delightfully delicious. 

One of the more creative dishes at Gracias Madre was the Quesadillas de Camote. Instead of the typical flour tortilla, a corn tortilla was used and was stuffed with heaps of sweet potatoes slathered with just the right amount of creamy salsa. This was topped off with none other than pumpkin seeds. The result was mind-blowing and I was impressed at how well all these things mixed together and waltzed all over my palate.

Also impressive was the Horchata Latte. I was hesitant at first about ordering it as horchata is often oversaturated with sugar. To my surprise however, it wasn’t overly sweet and the flavors were a great complement to the coffee. Again, very well done. 

Other things we sampled were the Gordita, the Tamal and the Tacos, all pretty good for vegan/organic food at least (yes, I went there).  The great thing about the tacos were all the different fillings to choose from, ranging from kale to rajas, roasted pablano chiles and onions (which is a must-try).  

Another example gem of a restaurant hidden in the Mission district. Totally worth walking down the two very suspect blocks south from the 16th and Mission BART station. So if you’re looking for good vegan or Mexican food, this place is it!

Highlights: Quesadilla de Camote, Horchata Latte, Tacos (especially with Rajas)

2211 Mission Street between 18th & 19th